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By Scott Russell Sanders

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As an antidote to the harmful tradition of intake dominating American lifestyles at the present time, Scott Russell Sanders demands a tradition of conservation that permits us to take pleasure in and guard the realm, rather than devouring it. How could we shift to a harder and accountable lifestyle? What alterations in values and habit should be required? Ranging geographically from southern Indiana to the Boundary Waters desert and culturally from the Bible to billboards, Sanders extends the visions of Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, and Rachel Carson to our personal day. A Conservationist Manifesto indicates the the most important relevance of a conservation ethic at a time of mounting problem approximately international weather switch, depletion of normal assets, extinction of species, and the industrial inequities among wealthy and terrible countries. the real message of this robust publication is that conservation isn't really easily a private advantage yet a public one.

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Could be the mantra for our hectic, profligate civilization. Our political culture delivers pretty much the same message— which isn’t surprising, since the corporations that flood the media with their ads also fund political campaigns and dictate legislation. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, when Americans longed to know how we could help our country, politicians told us to haul out our charge cards and run up some debt. When millions of Americans wondered how we could reduce our dependence on oil, and thus our entanglement with despotic regimes in the Middle East, our leaders told us to get in our cars and drive, or climb into airplanes and fly.

These efforts tend to be small-scale, and thus too humble to attract the spotlight. They are responsive to the needs and conditions of particular places, and thus are rarely publicized further afield. 19 Caring for Earth They are voluntary, which is to say they arise from affection and conviction rather than from duty or fear. They are cooperative, depending on mutual aid between neighbors who have a shared interest in the welfare of their neighborhoods. Government can sometimes aid these efforts, and so can charitable foundations, and so can large corporations; but such aid may be cut off at any moment by the shifting winds of politics or economics.

Take the word growth, for example. When Donella Meadows and her colleagues published a report in 1972 on the prospects for the continued expansion of the human economy, they called their book The Limits to Growth. The very title provoked outrage in many circles, because a prime article in the techno-industrial creed is that there are no limits to growth. According to this creed, any constraints imposed by nature will be overcome by technical ingenuity or the free market. Mining, drilling, pumping, clearing, manufacturing, and consuming—along with the human population that drives it all—will expand forever, the boosters claim.

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