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By Christine Lister-Ford

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Once the client had developed awareness then he might work through early experiences which are unresolved. The sense of wholeness that humanistic and integrative practitioners regard as central to their practice was experienced by the client as he relived past experiences with an intensity that he had denied himself originally. Jason allowed himself to feel the anger and sadness of deciding to ‘give up’ his childhood for his depressed mother. The therapist encouraged Jason to replay scenes from his childhood to encourage this directness of experience.

Gill has a younger 13year-old brother called Sammy. She lives with her mother and stepfather. The therapist worked within a team of family therapists.

Maria was to gradually expose herself to aeroplanes starting with observing them at airports, visiting stationary aeroplanes, building up to eventually flying again. Maria undertook homework in which she engaged in this plan of exposure. At the same time the therapist encouraged Maria to identify an ally who would accompany her on these assignments to support her changing her response to flying. Gradually Maria built up a new habituation to flying which included the experience of security. Secondly the therapist used a cognitive approach.

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