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I’ve included it for three primary reasons. First, having at least a rudimentary understanding of research methodology is fundamental to understanding many of the concepts and research findings discussed throughout the text. Second, research methodology is a legitimate area of inquiry within organizational psychology. In fact, a great deal of important research within organizational psychology in recent years has been methodologically oriented. Finally, as a course instructor and supervisor of student research, I have found that students often forget (or perhaps repress) what they learn in research methods courses.

However, perhaps Lewin’s most enduring legacy was his innovative blending of science and practice. Source: A. J. Marrow. (1969). The practical theorist: The life and work of Kurt Lewin. New York: Basic Books. Historical Influences in Organizational Psychology President Harry S. Truman made the decision to pursue racial integration of the military. Both events were extremely important because they represented initial attempts to understand the impact of diversity on the workplace, a topic that has become quite pertinent in recent years.

Remarkably, during this same time, Lewin also founded the Research Center for Group Dynamics at MIT. Lewin’s work at the Center continued until his death in 1947, at the age of 56. In retrospect, it is hard to imagine anyone having a greater impact on the field of organizational psychology than Kurt Lewin. His ideas continue to influence the study of a number of areas such as employee motivation, leadership, group dynamics, and organizational development. However, perhaps Lewin’s most enduring legacy was his innovative blending of science and practice.

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