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130]). 310 Guangxi geological party, China national nuclear corparation, Here I'd like to express my gratitude to all of them. Referrences: [1] Ding RQ, Liang TX. Preliminary discussion on tectonic-magmatic evolution with respect to metalloginesis of rich uranium deposits in Xiazhuang ore-field. 19(2003) 21-27(in chinese with english abstract). [2] Wu LQ, Tan ZZ, Liu RZ et al. Discussion on uranium ore-formation age in Xiazhuang ore-field, northern Guandong. Uranium Geology. 19(2003) 28-33(in chinese with english abstract).

These researches used methods such as simulation, mathematical modeling, geometric blur, particle element, and by means of techniques like neutron scattering, gas absorption, neutron radiography and electrochemical impedance spectrometry. Jiang, JW, et al. [1] summarized the function of molecular simulations in application research on nano-porous materials in energy area, and proved that molecular-level studies can bridge the gap between physical and engineering sciences. Thi X. T. Sayle et al.

Prior to deposition, the substrates were cleaned by rinsing with filtrated ethanol and drying at 80°C for 10 min. The films were prepared by spin coating the spin-on solutions at 4000 rpm for 40s in air. After coating each layer, the films were pyrolyzed at 350°C for 5 min in a diffusion furnace to remove residual organics, and then they were annealed at 750°C for 10 min in the same furnace for crystallization, using an air atmosphere. 05M spin-on solutions, respectively. The desired film thickness of 300 nm was achieved by repeating the spin-coating and heattreating cycles.

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