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By A C Grayling

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In a sequence of daring, unsparing polemics, A C Grayling exposes the damaging unreason he sees on the center of non secular religion and highlights the pressing want we need to reject it in all its varieties, with no compromise. as an alternative he argues for a suite of values in line with cause, mirrored image, and sympathy, taking his cue from the good moral culture of Western philosophy.

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Discovery of the Gospel of Judas in Egypt’s desert sands. 43 7 The Death Throes of Religion n the basis of apparently incontrovertible evidence, commentators of various persuasions, among them Eric Kaufmann, writing in Prospect magazine, John Gray, writing in the New Statesman, and Damon Linker, author of The Theocons: Secular America Under Siege (Doubleday 2006), are convinced that we are witnessing an upsurge in religious observance and influence. Kaufmann relies on the weak argument that demographic trends will turn Europe into a predominantly religious place, John Gray seems to hope that this will be so, and Damon Linker is convinced that a ‘theocon’ conspiracy has so successfully captured Washington that the US has become a de facto theocracy – as one might say: the home of faith-based politics, faith-based science (creationism), faithbased medicine (‘pro-life’), faith-based foreign policy (conducting jihad for American/Baptist values) and faithbased attacks on civil liberties.

These are fellow human beings, and humanists profoundly wish them well; which means too that they wish them to be free, to think for themselves, to see the world through clear eyes. If only, says the humanist, they would have a better knowledge of history! If only they understood what their own leaders think of the simple version of the faiths they adhere to, substituting such sophistry in its place! For whereas the ordinary believer has a somewhat misty notion of a father-cum-policeman-cum-Father Christmascum-magician personal deity, their theologians deploy such a polysyllabic, labyrinthine, intricate, sophisticated, complexified approach, that some go so far as to claim (as one current celebrity cleric does) that God does not have to exist to be believed in.

With faith anything goes’: here is why the claim that the resurgence of non-rational superstitious belief is a danger to the world. Fundamentalism in all the major religions (and some are fundamentalist by nature) can be and too often is politically infantilising, and in its typical radicalised forms provides utter certainty of being in the right, immunises against tolerance and pluralism, justifies the most atrocious behaviour to the apostate and the infidel, is blind to the appeals of justice let alone mercy or reason, and is intrinsically fascistic and monolithic.

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