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New PDF release: American Women Since 1945

By Rochelle Gatlin

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Ebook by way of Gatlin, Rochelle

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As one writer expressed it: WOMEN AND WORK: 1945--1970 29 The proletarization of white-collar employees does not have the same meaning at all if it is women, and not heads of family, who comprise the majority of the group .... The majority of whitecollar tasks are less interesting, less prestigious, and bring lower remuneration, but they are carried out by women with reduced aspirations. 5 Myths about female 'nature', especially women's innate lack of ambition, reinforced the fact that clerical jobs provided little or no opportunity for promotion.

Could be found a mother. ' 20 20 AMERICAN WOMEN SINCE 1945 Once motherhood, the very heart and raison d'etre of the feminine mystique, was found to be full of pathology, it was obvious that the feminine mystique had begun to caricature itself. Even young, white, middle-class and heterosexual women could rarely attain it; older, non-white, lesbian and working-class women were almost certain to be 'deviant' or 'deficient'. The public ignored lesbians except as cases of scandal. Only women who needed to find out more about themselves combed through the literature.

After 1957 the birth rate began to decline again, but even during the years of the post-war 'baby boom' the long-term trend towards smaller-sized families was not totally reversed. Rather than bearing many children, more women were having two or three instead of one or none. They also shortened the interval between children. By marrying young, entering motherhood quickly, and shortening the interval between successive children, women were still completing their child-bearing by the time they were 30.

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