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Chomsky Noam's An exchange on Manufacturing Consent PDF

By Chomsky Noam

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We based ourselves on category; then, at a miles later date wc discovered a bit approximately ethnicity; extra lately we came across gender; and extra lately nonetheless we discovered anything - maybe no longer greatly but - approximately age and incapacity. So may possibly a white, heart classification, center elderly guy with a normativcly licensed set of actual talents write of the heritage of his sociology.

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We shall, however, when occasion demands, enter into discourse sparingly. avoiding common topics as gladiators, horse-races, athletes; and the perpetual talk about food and drink. Above all avoid speaking of persons, either in way of praise or blame, or comparison. If you can, win over the conversation of your company to what it should be by your own. But if you find yourself cut off without escape among strangers and aliens, be silent. CLXV Laughter should not be much, nor frequent, nor unrestrained.

Other are subject to hindrance, and depend on the will of other men. If then he place his own good, his own best interest, only in that which is free from hindrance and in his power, he will be free, tranquil, happy, unharmed, noble-hearted, and pious; giving thanks to all things unto God, finding fault with nothing that comes to pass, laying no charge against anything. Whereas if he place his good in outward things, depending not on the will, he must perforce be subject to hindrance and restraint, the slave of those that have power over the things he desires and fears; he must perforce be impious, as deeming himself injured at the hands of God; he must be unjust, as ever prone to claim more than his due; he must perforce be of a mean and abject spirit.

But now He hath not done so: therefore I cannot transgress one jot of His commands. In everything hold fast to that which is thy Good--but to all else (as far as is given thee) within the measure of Reason only, contented with this alone. Else thou wilt meet with failure, ill success, let and hindrance. These are the Laws ordained of God--these are His Edicts; these a man should expound and interpret; to these submit himself, not to the laws of Masurius and Cassius. CXLV Remember that not the love of power and wealth sets us under the heel of others, but even the love of tranquillity, of leisure, of change of scene--of learning in general, it matters not what the outward thing may be--to set store by it is to place thyself in subjection to another.

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